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Hi Luc..... heading to Bozeman tomorrow and the shen hao awaits. Hope I don't run into a lot of snow.... Pincher Creek had winds of 100kph today so I am leaving in the morning.
I think I know who did the panos of which you speak.... nice work.... i will find the name and send it to you.... check Avens Gallery in Canmore.
I didn't want to get the PTB model as i don't like that chamonix style knob focusing and need the extra bellows length nor a nikkor 360T... and that was a sweet deal. If it doesn't work
out to my needs, I will likely post it here and on large format forum for sale but at this point, it should be fine.
Must go pack film..... and that silly D800 thingamabob.
Could luck and good driving. If you don't like it let me know before you post it :-)