Is there any legal 'committment' from the major players (Kodak for rolls, Fuji for both sheets and rolls) for the future production of RA4 paper? Can I be assured that for the next three years we have nothing to worry about? How about the next six years? Does anyone have tangible evidence here or is everything conjecture? Will improvement and cost reduction of ink jet be the death of RA4 paper?

What about the digitization of the cinema? How far is that 'demise of film' projected into the future and will that be the final blow to color analog photography?

I know fully that these questions, ad infinitum, become annoying to some and I do not blame you if I am blamed for bringing them up again. But there are people out there who are 'hooked' onto this more than most and are 'in the know' better than most. Please speak directly and candidly. B&H has the Crystal Archive 'in store' in NYC. But in four years? - David Lyga