I've been away from any form of film photography for three years. While I have been shooting digital, I wanted to make sure I still knew my way around a large format camera since I'll be using one the most in the work I'm about to start doing. I noticed that I had some old APX 100 in the holders from when I last loaded them all the years ago and, since I did, I may as well use the film instead of just pulling it out and basically wasting it...so I shot a photo of my husband to play around with the Apotar I had done this with previously.

This was, by no means, supposed to be a serious photograph. It was a test of quite a few variables: whether my developer was still good, whether I could still work the large camera, whether the holder was light tight for all those years. Needless to say, I was somewhat surprised to get a photograph that I actually like.

I like the shadow behind him. I like the darkening at the sides. I like the fact that it draws the eye toward the middle, and to him. I like that the walls are marked and the shadow at the left side is there. I...just like this. I'm actually going to redo it on fresh film this weekend (though probably without that shadow, as it was a chair that was just slightly out of frame).

There has been discussion about missed photo opportunities and discussion about how you know when you've made a bad photograph. So how about some discussion on when you take a photograph that you never thought you'd like, but end up loving anyway?