[QUOTE=snaggs;1421874]Id like to look at a 70mm back, I know I need Type II perf and that its all but vanished.

1) can you still make special bulk orders from kodak for film? How does one contact them?-NOT SURE YOU EVER COULD.
2) how much film is needed per back? I.e. there is a 60ft rool of expired tri-x on ebay. What kind of bulk loader would I need? WHAT CAMERA ? THE AMOUNT OF FILM NEEDED AT FRONT AND END WHEN LOADING CAMERA IS LONG , so you need to use a lot of film per load . finally - 70mm FILM REQUIRES special ss reels and tanks for processing. BEST ADVICE- DO NOT GO DOWN THIS PATH- IT IS NOT CHEAPER, AND FILM CHOICE IS VERY LIMITED. Cheers Barrie B.