(Bessa-R kit+Culminar+Elmar)
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This is not so bad. I could live with that. Which model is this?
It's a Leica screwmount kit The body is the Voigtlaender Bessa-R, a modern camera with decent metering through the lens and an electronic shutter. It's not built like a tank, but mine has been fine through reasonably heavy service including a lot of international travel.

I've never used either of the lenses I mentioned---they're just the ones that came up cheapest when I looked around. I think both are Tessar types. There are a LOT of screwmount lenses; see http://www.cameraquest.com/ltmlens.htm for brief descriptions of many of them.

As noted, you can't use M-mount lenses on a screwmount body, but M lenses tend to be expensive anyway.