Hi all,

It's my anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks and I once again find myself turning to the APUG community for some old school help.

A few months ago I bought my partner a locket with the intention of creating a tiny platinum print of our daughter to go in it. The locket holds an elliptical picture approximately 20mm x 14mm. A busy time at work and home means that this hasn't happened yet.

Whilst it still seems like a nice idea, a new concept has just come to me. How much information could I store in that locket in the style of a microfiche? Could I create a large scale ellipse with the story of our lives contained within it and reduce it into her locket? I love the idea of buying her a microscope as a gift and secreting the microfiche in the locket without telling her. After a protracted period of confusion I could show her the locket under the microscope and reveal that the magnitude of my love for her and and the magnitude of my inner geek are well matched...

So my questions are:

1) What scale do I make the master document at?

2) How do I reduce whilst maintaining maximum detail?

3) What's a good bit of kit to let her see it? Being based in a locket, something that relies on reflected light rather than transmitted light would be great.

As ever, thank you everyone for your amazing knowledge,