I think the Chamonix 45N2 is a great bargain for a first camera. Plenty of bellows extension and movements. And it sets up rigid. As far as lens I really like the Rodenstock 135mm Sironar S. I also own two other Rodenstocks and a pile of Nikons. I just got a Schneider Super Symar XL 110mm, but I haven't shot any color film with it. But so far I don't see much difference between the Nikons and Rodenstocks. Of course I have never noticed much difference in color between these LF lenses and the Mamiya 7 lenses either when I have shot both at about the same time.

I shoot color negative film mostly so I suspect the minor differences in the lenses are lost during the printing or scanning phases.

Based on your two sample shots I would say you should look at some older less contrasty lenses, but then you say you like the Mamiya 7 which has fairly contrasty lenses. So I really don't know how to advise you except to tell you to buy a few at good prices on ebay, and sell the ones you don't like as much. I imagine it won't cost you much and you may even make a profit if you are careful.