Hi, everyone!

I am hoping someone could recommend a single tank that could process 4x5 and 8x10 film. I do have a Jobo machine but will probably sell it since I intend to do some overseas landscape shooting and want to get used to the non-machine operated tanks (lugging a Jobo with me is not feasible). I currently do B&W in trays, but am moving to colour as well, so I'd like to do both B&W and colour in the same tank (not at the same time!) in daylight conditions.

I am completely confused by Jobo drum numbers and have zero experience with Paterson, BTZS or other brands. I am open to any brand that can handle the two film sizes, preferably doing multiple pieces of film at the same time.

Any recommendations for a single tank that could do this would be MUCH appreciated.

Many thanks,