Sorry for the late arrival to this thread, but I was seeing it at work and the title alone scared me off of contributing until now. I remember the last time this happened. I left the "discussion" thread on my image that generated the shitstorm to preserve for posterity the evidence of what happened, both good and bad. I wish Emil hadn't yielded to the backlash, but I can completely understand how and why he would have. Frankly I'm surprised that it took this long for the teapot tempest to get whipped up again - it's been what, four years maybe, since the last one? Things in general seem calmer than last time, though - I actually got a death threat in the form of a bible quote as a result. Here, we're having a (comparatively) rational discussion. But yes, it's an old tired argument that won't ever get decided beyond Jason's well-stated summation of APUG policy.