John- I've repeatedly told you that was not my sole intent - yes, I was being provocative, but were I trying to piss people off I would have posted something that was far more risque, without actually being explicit. I posted that image in direct response to a discussion that was being had at the time about male vs female nudes. And it was in fact a single image, not a series of images. I had posted other male nudes prior to that discussion that had elicited unwarranted comments (one solo male nude, unrelated to the controversial one, garnered a response of "get that sodomitic shit out of here" - it was a solo male nude, and the model's hands were nowhere near his genitals, so where sodomy came in to it I fail to see). I feel my response was entirely justified - I responded with art, instead of engaging in a verbal slug-fest. And the response to the image that was controversial was entirely out of proportion to the image. Again, nothing going on, nothing scandal-worthy except for the fact it was a portrait of a penis. Is it my fault that some folks are shocked by seeing something half of us have? Posting for the sake of pissing people off was that individual who posted the still-life of Nazi regalia.

John- your response is really just another way of saying "Emil's work is art, yours is porn". And I call bullshit on that response. If you don't like it, you don't like it, and that's fine. And if you're one of those who was upset by the image, I'm sorry. I think you're over-reacting, however.