Really need something! sit on ebay and wait, update newly listed every 30min, some people just want to sell and get rid of it. That's how I got my 45V XL with computerized head, DATA module (working) and 1 extra module chip for 200 bucks with buy it now. All the good stuff / deals with buy it now are sold probably within a couple of hours of listing, and usually by people looking to flip it as a business. For 200 bucks I could have flipped it for 4, and someone would have tried to flip that for 7-8. I've also seen it happen, item sold and two days later relisted by the buyer using same photos, hasn't even taken possession.
To the advert I say it is the same as everything. You buy a new car for 20K, or buy all the parts seperately and it costs you 100k. If interested I have a toilet seat off a US Navy battleship I'll sell you for 300 bucks, its been battle tested! PT Barnum was right.

Anybody see the box of hostess twinkies listed for $21,000,000.00 - 10 available- shop early the holidays are coming.