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i wasn't offended or upset by your photograph at all.
i am remembering the conversation in the chatroom when posted it.
you said you were posting an image that you knew would cause controversy in the apug community
now, a few years later, most of the people who were outraged are gone, including the people who were in the chatroom with us
on that night. you also suggested another time that someone purposefully post "controversial" ( i put it in quotes because it was a male nude
like yours, and not really that controversial ) images in the gallery so he would gain a following and be held in esteem.

i am not saying your work is anything different than a male nude, i don't think it is pornographic.
you told us in the chatroom just before you posted it, you wanted to cause controversy within the community, and it did, just as you predicted ... as i said, different intent.
I don't recall the specifics of the chat - I don't have a transcript so I won't argue the accuracy or inaccuracy of other people's recall of a conversation over four years ago. But I did NOT advocate someone else post what he thought would be a controversial image for the sake of stirring controversy. In fact, I was talking with said individual because he approached me and said he wanted fame through controversy, and did I think it would be a good way. I told him to post the image if he wanted to post the image, wanted feedback, and was prepared for whatever reaction it generated.

I've never said I was unaware of the potential for controversy of my image. I knew it would probably tweak a few folks - the same folks who had been previously posting hateful comments on other male nudes that I had posted and should have never been controversial. But why do you consider my response of posting that image to be either meritous of the outrage, or disproportionate as a response to the contemporaneous conversation about nudes and censorship? In case you didn't notice, I sat there and took my lumps when the image caused controversy, and I took them with grace. You could say the image itself was disrespectful (I'd disagree with that), but you can't say I handled any of the responses with anything other than respect.