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I love the results with this stuff on MGWTFB though. I rarely make a print on this paper that doesn't receive at least a quick dip in brown toner. I'm not so enthused about the results on MCP 312, one other paper I've tried. My dilute method produced only an unpleasant red-brown tinge in highlights even when time was extended to 10 minutes and more. Full strength toner did tone that paper well, but with a cooler chocolate brown color that I don't like as much as regular sepia.
I too love the results on MGWT. I'm still using up stock of Viradon. I tone at regular strength after a slight selenium toning. I tone for about 4-7 minutes. Selenium first helps to keep the blacks from losing density as can happen in direct sulfide toning on WT papers. Direct toning doesn't have much color effect on MGIV but indirect toning does produce a very nice sepia tone! I'm still experimenting with this at the moment.