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georg16nik - the film links are here - http://dr5.com/blackandwhiteslide/filmreviewdev1.html
You don't need to use scala film.
Scala film is available for sale BTW through FOTOIMPEX. They have years of it left.
They also have a new film out called SILVERMAX that is very similar to scala. We have been testing it. It is a very good film for B&W slides.

georg16nik - We have been processing "scala film" since it came out [96]. We process the film better than 'any' scala line. We are the last lab outside of Germany able to run the film. We also have many clients from Europe, simply because we run the film better and the film choices we offer.
As for the rate differences - The fact the Europe has [supposedly] a much higher cost to do business/taxes/cost of living, the much lower processing rate is a complete mystery to us. What we charge is darn near rock-bottom for us to survive.

Contact us for other Q's [no more violating Sean's rules] or Gavin S. He is a regular user of dr5 [a very good one].


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