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240 mm:
At this point, forget the standard f5.6 plasmats. They are all in massive Copal #3 shutters, and weigh at least 780g. In this focal length, the Rodenstock 240mm f9 APO Ronar and Schneider 240mm f9 G Claron both come in Copal #1 shutters and are reasonably small and light. However, the smallest, lightest lens in the 240mm focal length is the:
240mm f9 Fujinon A: Like the 200mm f8 Nikkor M, the 240mm Fujinon A is the only lens in it's class that comes in a Copal #0 shutter (See Figure 3. above). In fact, it is the longest non-telephoto focal length to ever be offered in a #0 shutter. That keeps the weight down to a very respectable 245g. The 240mm f9 Fujinon A is a so-called process lens (like the 150mm G Claron and 180mm Fujinon A above). So, performance at close distances is outstanding, but I have also found this lens to be remarkably sharp for more distant subjects (see Table 7.). The filter size is 52mm and the image circle, a very generous 336mm (enough to cover 8x10, and way more than necessary for 4x5 field use). I don't find the f9 maximum aperture to be a detriment in this focal length. The image on the ground glass just seems to snap right into focus. Like the 180mm Fujinon A above, this lens was made from the 1970s until it was discontinued in 1998. Early samples may be single coated. The one we tested was a late EBC multi-coated version from 1998.