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Thanks for the great work. I have wanted to try XTOL but it would be a waste making 5 litres. I am planning to buy the chemicals tomorrow to make a batch to your formula but I have just checked the supplier list and what they have is 8-mol sodium metaborate. Would appreciate the correction needed for the amount, my chemistry knowledge is over 30 years old!
richydicky: I owe you an apology! I noticed your question months later when this topic of 4-mol/8-mol came up again, and saw that I had not answered it. I must have overlooked it, being distracted or in a hurry. Sorry about that.

Here's a link to the earlier discussion about this topic which Alan has referred to:

I'll update the formula to specify 2.2g of 4-mol, or 3.0g of 8-mol sodium metaborate.

Mark Overton