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While I quite agree on matters like colour accuracy, there is the matter of (negative) display materials having much poorer dynamic range (than chromes) because they're reflective instead of transmissive.
ECN (Vision film family) on ECP, the print film has a dynamic range about 2x over RA4 prints and about 30% greater than E6 films.

For technical reasons, E6 films achieve a Dmax of about 3.0 with the concomitant range while neg-pos makes a range with a Dmax of about 5.0 and if there were still a print film out there, a single view would knock your socks off. But then you see something like it in every motion picture you see.

Do not, as AgX says here, try to cross C41 neg with ECP nor ECN with some type of print film other than ECN. They are not compatible. A good quality scan of a negative is outstanding, but that is the topic for elsewhere.