Once a year I shoot street scenes at night in the middle of winter (in canada). I've worked out how to do this very well.
step 1) frame up
step 2) focus (on af cameras half press the release)
step 3) inhale deeply
step 4) begin to exhale
step 5) slowly press the shutter release the rest of the way as you exhale and fire a shot.
step 6) hold down the release and fire a second time as you finish exhaling. (motor drive)

This works best when the camera is at chest level, and your hands are both supporting it. Your centre of gravity is fairly precarious when the camera (not to mention all of your weight) is dependant on the top of your body such as when you have the camera at eye level. Keeping your head clear does help, as it keeps you calmer and thus less fidgety.
I should point out, continuous AF is terrible for this because the camera might see a bird or random object and decide to refocus mid shot.

The process takes about 4 seconds and yields two shots usually one perfectly sharp at slow speeds. I once pulled off a sharp image at 1/1.5's (2/3's)of a second on my nikon F80 when I was really in a zen space.