150 Convertible? If so, that pot did in fact get sweeter! Well, I am looking forward to seeing some photos. And yes, I know about Super Graphics I had one but it was a basket case and didn't want to fix it. I sold the rotating back though which was about the only thing of real value left on it, oh, and the bellows. Now, had you said a Super Speed Graphic with a working shutter, then this deal would have already been done with a sweet pot or not!

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Hello Perry, I assume that you know that a Super Graphic is different from a Crown Graphic, a Super
has more movements without dropping the bed . It also has a revolving back. With all that said, i'll
send pictures later in the evening, the camera's battery is charging as i write you this. Do you have
a 150 Symmar , i could throw that in to sweeten the pot . Thanks, John