This is about ANALOG printing with a digitally-made printing aid.

Just curious... and sorry if this has already been discussed. Has anyone used dodging masks digitally created and printed on clear media to place between the enlarger light source and the negative? It would necessarily be placed a few mm away from the film to keep it slightly out of focus and it might need to be re-sized a tiny bit since it's farther from the lens than the film. Placing it on a thin piece of glass would keep it flat. If done on a color printer one could combine dodging with contrast filtration to take advantage of split-contrast printing too. One could add a simple registration system to make repeatability easy. None of this should affect image quality since nothing is in the image path. I'd think one could extrapolate and modify dodging mask layers that already exist.

I'm talking about analog printing with a digitally created helper mask. Imagine the ease/speed/repeatability/consistency... just pull the dodging/multi-contrast mask from the file stored with the neg and print (other variables absent).