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I can't remember whether or not I was there. I probably have logs on the other computer, but it's heavy and I'm NOT lugging it up from the basement. I do remember the image, though, and I'm glad you left it up.

I think that shaming, whether body shaming or sexuality shaming, is horrendous. I think that sometimes women are objectified in photographs, but that Sanders and Emil are not the ones doing it. I think that a portrait of an erect penis is not pornographic because it's just a penis, but there are some poses that photographers put women in that could definitely be considered as such. I think that the image was a *perfect* response to the conversation, and proved admirably that there is an obvious bias against male sexuality in photography that simply isn't there when it comes to female sexuality. I also think that it is vitally important to keep encouraging people who make a statement with their photography to continue doing the work. Controversy tends to breed discussion, and discussion can, at times, bring changes in thinking.
Thank you Stephanie for your support. And for the record, it was NOT erect. Just uncircumcised and substantial.