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I always follow manufacturer's recommendation. I believe they know better than everyone else. Sure you can take a chance, but I do not.
From reading your threads, where you post questions, then answer them yourself, later noting all who said anything else then you as being totally wrong, it seems that in fact - you everything better then everyone else .

All 2500 and 2800 tanks and modules have ridges, except for as noted in this thread - the multitank 5 which is smooth inside.
I have not yet seen a publication by Jobo recommending against using film in print drums.

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But I do not see any problem if you only process one single sheet of 8x10 with 25xx tanks. There are no rails and no overlapping.
Alas - its good to have RedSun's OK in the matter, it must mean that after all the info provided by everyone in this thread is correct