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I'm seriously considering buying a kit and trying it out.

What do you reckon, would the Fuji Hunt Chrome 6X kit be doable in normal "home" tank processing?

I hear it brings better results than Tetenal E6 kit plus the positives last longer, but I guess there's a lot more "art" needed doing the longer process which I guess is harder with a normal (non-motorized-rotary/non-lifted/non-temp-stabilized) tank.

I maybe got around +/-1C deg precision using a simple temperature stabilized tub, which is slightly over the recommended 0.6C deg precision recommended by Fuji for the colour developer, so not sure how much it'll affect the colour results. Also would it be worth aquiring some pH meter for better and more consistent results? The rest of the baths don't seem to be so sensitive for the temperature and pH.

Anyone tried the new Fuji's 6X kit in "home-brewed" E6 developing? Any tips or tricks?

Or should I stick to 3-bath kit (Tetenal) and be satisfyed with inferior results and shorter archival times?

By the way, just do it. Though I haven't used the Fuji Hunt chems I'm sure they would be on par with the 'ol Kodak kit. Once you settle on way to process your E6 films, you will love the results. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully and keep your chems up to temp (this may be the hardest part with manual development). I've got a Jobo processor so it's a no-brainer. But I don't use any pH meters or anything. Just single shot chemistry mixed according to instructions. For the last 6 years it's been Kodak so this will be my first time with Tetenal. I also wait till I have about 40-50 rolls/sheets to develop so the chemicals are used fresh. E6 developing is just as easy as black and white and the results for me looked better than anything I got from a lab. You'll ask yourself why you haven't done your own developing sooner.