I have just made a dispenser for photo paper rolls. I spray painted it inside with a can of flat black paint. As a last step before loading a $1000 roll of FujiFlex, I had a silly idea to test the dispenser for light leaks. So I folded a sheet of 20x24 CA paper into a cylinder and put it into the dispenser. I left it there for two days. This evening I processed the sheet of paper and was horrified to discover that the lower left corner of the paper is nearly black with dark red tinge. I suspect this corner was sitting on the bottom of the box towards the back. Anyway, I find it rather incredible that the corner is nearly absolutely black while the rest of the sheet is perfectly while. Somehow I don't think that there should be such strong light leaks at the bottom towards the back of the dispenser. My suspicion is that it's the vapors from not completely dried paint fogged the paper that was touching the bottom. Is that possible, or is it more likely that it's still a light leak?

P.S. Sorry for crappy iPad photos.