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snaggs: how much do they want per roll? I could certainly be interested in a couple if the price is right.

munz: how much do you want for 6 cartridges and the reel? What is the diameter of the reel? Know anyone with a bulk-loader FS?

edit: has anyone successfully adjusted/mangled a Jobo 2xxx reel to fit 70mm? I have a couple more than I need and would happily sacrifice one to the cause.
Sure, I made one from a Jobo and a pot with a glass lid...that I broke out, then used a small plastic garbage pail bottom that I cut out and layed into where the glass was then cut a hole in that and inserted a Jobo, then sealed it all Wirh glue, drilled holes in the bottom of the Jobo and top of the Jobo, then filled the top with wax to allow for drainage to hit the holes I drilled, it works but its a beast, I would be much happer to own a daylight tank MADE for 70mm...

I think I'm almost done with 70mm and thinking of selling, I have both a Mamiya RB67 back and Hassleblad back in 70mm, one 70mm reel, one 116 reel for testing old 70mm and about 300 feet of 70mm perf in my freezer...


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