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I tried to visualize what you have to work with and think you might wall in the furnace and water heater if it's legal and safe. Forget the door to your office.

Give them an upside-down "L" shaped room of their own. Sort of like an upside-down Idaho with a vented door at the Canadian border. Solves all your ventilation issues.

This leaves your darkroom as a right-side up "L" with a large 5 x 9 main work area plus a vestibule.

My first thought was to have the sink against back wall and the door to the left of the sink. That way you can open the door soon as the white lights are on... and it would be convenient to walk out to the laundry tub and wash your trays and tanks there.

If you did that, the vestibule should be a comfortable fit for the enlarger and a dry side shelf. The 9 foot walkway along the sink could be left open or you could put a narrow chemical storage shelf / bookshelf behind where you walk.
Here is a few photos Bill of my very early planning ideas. DSC_0016.jpgDSC_0013.jpg
The line of tape under the shop vac will be my exterior wall. Next line is the out line to my dry counter. The line by the black shelve is my sink. I was also kicking around putting the sink on the new wall and moving my dry to the sink. making my dry a L shaped dry counter lead to the sink. The reason I have my door off the office is for space really as we have plans for the new wall to have shelves on them for my wife stuff. As she is losing a chunk of storage area in her laundry room. So one idea is to have the dry counter run from the counter were the paint can are to the enlarger on the floor. then across my new wall would be sink. leaving me some space beside the sink for storage and shelves. Also I have plans of converting the office/computer room into an extended work area for my. some where to mat and dry mount and maybe put my print dryers. I hope this explains my ideas and vision and I will look at your suggestions as well.

Learning about this stuff is so cool I always wanted my own darkroom and to think I am going to have one very soon excites me! As I was able to pick up 2 enlargers and ALL my supplies for FREE!! from someone who was going to take it all to the dump as he thought no one would be interested in doing your own printing.