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This was the image I referred to:

Whether someone thinks an image like this is art, erotic or what ever is down to their own preceptions.

On wow that's nice, my first thought was "wow she has great hair!" LOL I didn't even look at her breasts / crotch first.

That hair is awesome haha

The only film image I have right now is this one...

And mine though from far away shows no actual parts, when blown up you can almost see her nether parts and is certainly more hinting at sex being in Bed.. But I don't consider mine to be pornographic either (it's also not my best work, I just grabbed a roll to process and see if the exposure was good).

To be honest when shooting with strobes I use my digital as a checker (like one would use a Polaroid) but it was damaged in the Hurricane so I had nothing to go on but my Sekonic Meter, yes this is of course how its done but it was a small room and I didn't want Otto LOOK as if it had been lit. (Can we tell I'm super uncomfortable posting my work and super particular?)

Anyway in my scene, I'm drawn more to the corner with all the neat old clocks lol.

Side note she is also not a model, but an ex lover and this was the first time I had seen her since she broke up web me 3 months prior, it was weird, first time shooting someone I had slept with, first time seeing her naked, and first time shooting a nude only on film. She also had a boyfriend at this point. I'm surprised I was able to figure out how to take a picture, and I've shot a LOT of nudes, but this was certainly more difficult.

ANYWAY point is, it anyone told me this was offensive I would tell them they were offensive, or blind, or ask if they were tested for a brain disorder recently...

I also support the idea that everyone is entitled to their opinion and we can't or shouldn't force our ideals onto them. So I accept the person who didn't like it, But I also don't want to miss out on seeing something beautiful because someone had a more narrow viewpoint than my own. And I don't think they should speak up about it, just like I wouldn't speak up about something I found boring or in poor taste, it's just not polite. "If ya don't have nuttin' nice to say, don't say nuttin' at all..."

Ok who's next?

PS where can I find that model with the hair? Hope she's near NY, I'm totally a model moocher when I see a good one haha.


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