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Why does Hipstagram need a tiny projector? As it is, I doubt there is one photo there that I would love enough to want to commit to film. Some hipster taking a picture of their latest whole foods market meal they they are eating in some burg in new york that they are gentrifying just isn't interesting.

Oh, and that projector will almost exclusively be bought by people like that.

Don't misunderstand this post as a defense for Instagram, because I've only recently somewhat embraced it - but why does anything need anything?

Your attitude towards the matter, and those who share the same attitude, are contributing to the demise of film, just as much as the "hipsters" you complain of. Here is a chance for a product to help increase the sale of film, or at least provide a temporary spike in the manufacturing of it, and you shoot it down and ridicule the creator. So WHAT if people want to take photos of their food? Has anyone ever complained about the subject matter in your photos, no matter what method you used to create them?

This isn't food.

This isn't food.

This isn't food.

This is food, but naturally growing.

And this photo is one of the best photos that I have of my friend and companion whom I lost in July. I snapped this photo one day when I thought to myself "meh, lets see what this Instagram fuss is all about." At the time I dismissed this photo thinking it was "just another iPhone photo with some 'hipster' preset applied," and never thought I would or could EVER value it because of the method in which it was taken. I've since changed my tune, and in fact I'm hoping to have this printed soon.