Finally, after four seasons and two decades in the customs department, I received my camera.

Indeed, a very nice specimen, looks very clean and esthetically very nice.

However, it seems like the camera has been sitting around for a while, so I need to send it for a CLA (the film-feeder feeling mechanism isn't triggering on Acros or Tri-X, only Fomapan), this isn't really unexpected at all so......next step is to try and find a service-person with a pretty quick turnaround. Harry Flenoor has a 11 week turnaround and although he is probably _the guy_, I'm currently checking out a few faster alternatives. (nothing wrong with the camera really, just need a cleaning up AFAIK).

Anyway, the ever-ready case, filters and the lens shade was all in very very nice condition as well, the original diffuser for the light meter was included under the flap in the ever-ready case and I also have straps both for the case and if I want to use the camera without the case, so I feel that I have a really nice package here. Looks like the previous owner took really good care of his camera =)