Thank you very much for the advice everyone, it made me feel that much more confident before having a go. I just had to get myself & my trays/working space organized (trays in this order: fresh water soak -> Ilford Rapid fixer -> Adox Selenium -> water holding bath -> WASH). Armed with a gas mask & nitrile gloves, I mixed the Adox at 1+10. I only needed one print to establish that 4 minutes gave a pleasant result. The pukey 'oliveness' of Ilford MGIV RC was gone & the blacks turned out just as I'd hoped. That's exactly what I wanted!!! I washed each print for at the very least a solid 10 mins..... I simply cannot wash each print for more than that (like 1 hour!!), it's just not gonna happen, my landlord would have an absolute fit! After all, this is RC not FB, so if 10 mins is deemed really not enough then I'll have to look at some kind of chemical-wash aid.
Afterwards I put the Selenium mixture in a concertina'd container for future use.... only thing is, I wouldn't have a clue how much concentrate to add to it for the next session.
I'm a toning convert, so thanks again