I was in the darkroom this afternoon and evening; processed some 4x5 film and then made a contact print of an 8x10 neg I processed yesterday. Was hunting around for some paper to print it on and found a pack of Adox MCC so I used that. It reminded me what a nice paper it is - shame we can't buy it retail in Australia. I counted how many sheets were left in the pack, and there were 8 plus a few test strips, so I decided to have a go at the print for the exchange. We are making 8 prints, aren't we? Normally I would make a few extra as insurance against any prints ending up unusable, particularly considering I will probably be selenium toning and spotting later. Anyway I liked how the image looked on the paper (after not linking it on two other papers) so I decided to live dangerously and use the Adox. The prints went through with no problems, now I will see how they look on the weekend to decide about toning.