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I might be incorrect, but it certainly seems to me that the quality of the coating of Fineprint went up
after Harmon acquired it. With the older paper I sometimes got some "zits" of uneveness, and it recently happened to a friend of mine who got ahold of some older paper shipped by someone who
didn't properly rotate their inventory. I like Fineprint because it can be coaxed into a rich true cold
tone using amidol and gold toner, and makes a wonderful complement for the other direction of
tones possible with MGWT.
Humm, you've mentioned this before. Does anyone know how well it responds with cool tones using more commonly available (and less staining than amidol) materials like Moersch SE-6 and Selenium? Or even LPD mixed strong for cool tone? That could be something I'd like a lot, but I don't see myself mixing amidol developer and investing in gold toner just for this one paper and effect.