Hello all,

I've been fighting with my printing skills in the last months, and thought I was unable of printing consistently without understanding why.

This seems to happen more often for FB paper (Ilford Ilfobrom Galerie to be precise), and long before one would thought the working solution (1+9) is exhausted.

In the last case, I printer less than 10 5x7 sheets on one evening, and on the next evening I found that what printed nicely on grade 3 became WAY too dark and contrasty.

I use a dish warmer to keep developer at working temp (around 22C), and my typical session lasts 2 to 3 hours.

My Eukobrom is bought in 5 liters jar, then decanted in 1l bottles, and I use Protectan to top-off the developer so that it does not oxydize.

Since I understood my issues were caused by the developer, I decided to use it one shot (1 jar should last me 50 sessions, and that makes the price low enough* to accept it)

Does this seem reasonable, or am I missing something ?

* especially if I consider the cost of wasted paper against the cost of developper.