I'd be worried about visible sparks from anything power operated, including battery tools. I hoping to
get up to a friend's big lab storage locker to see what he's got leftover in roll trimmer equip. He did
paper up to 60-inch wide. The wt of the 40" roll makes me wish I gotten 30" wide instead, but the
bigger roll will be more cost effective if I need to get 20X24 or 20X30 sheets cut as well as 30X40.
I have a big formica-covered cutting table with threaded inserts at key positions, so I can precisely
place a stainless length stop for each dimension. There's a 48 inch dual-bar Rotatrim cutter at the
business end, which I just have to modify a bit moer for the feed rollers below. Then the cut sizes
go into big paper safes. I think I'll put the master roll itself back into a big tube of black ABS irrigation
pipe with caps. Don't plan on making full size prints until Spring anyway. Got lots of fancy calibaration work to do in the meantime, plus lots of masking work on the original LF negs.