How do some of you come up with your sales price for a particular size print? Lets go with an 8x10 for example.

When I've figured a price for a digital print in the past I've calculated the cost of the editing time per hour, hard materials cost for the print (i.e. albums, prints, gallery wraps), packaging, shipping, and any extras included, and then I've used that total in my pricing formula.

But the hard cost isn't always going to be the same with an analog print. One print may have taken 4 rolls of film to capture, while another may have taken 7 rolls to capture. One print could take 12 test prints, while another could take 25. So this hard cost can change from print to print, which would affect the ending sales price.

I've taken down my business web site, and from here on out will only have a web presence to display my work, but I would like to have prices and sales information at least written down somewhere for those times that I do attract the occasional client. I'm trying to get back to the hobby of photography, instead of the job, which is why I'm taking down my business site.