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Forgot you're in Europe. If Jurgen can be found use him.
Unfortunately Jürgen don't service cameras outside the EU (Norway is in Europe, but we are not a EU member), but I sent a mail to Mr. Mickleboro in the UK to see if he is willing (I've red some great reviews on him as well).

Harry could do the job, so I do have the option to send the camera to the US.

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Is everything else working? Have you been able to shoot and develop any film? A quick, temporary fix for the film trigger that sometimes works: put a layer of tape around the upper feeler roller. This increases its 'sensitivity' and can make it trip for thinner emulsions. No answer in the long run but it will let you test out the rest of the camera if it works.

Yep, I did try the tape trick on Saturday (actually, i just put a piece of extra tape over the original tape on the film) and the camera operation, shutter, transport, frame spacing, focus etc is all golden