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The "devoid of thought" bit reminds me of John Daido Loori's (I think no connection to Daido Moriyama) discussion of photography as a Zen student. And of course it's a well-known aspect of Zen Buddhism generally, though I've heard people suggest that it may be overstated in many Western views of Zen. I'm unsure of it myself; maybe I just don't have the knack of doing that no-mind state well, or maybe I actually disagree with it, but my experience is that I need to keep my mind checked in and focussed in order to feel that sense of the right time to release. I guess the "listen to *it*" frame makes more sense to me than the "devoid of thought" frame.

Not a trivial subject at all, IMHO.

It isn't so much "devoid of thought" as being utterly in the moment and engaged with the task at hand, with no internal dialogue going on. I get there very easily doing some things, one of which is target shooting.