Gosh that sounds crude, Bob. We're talking about 40" widths of polyester-based sheet, which is prone to crinkling. Maybe Supergloss is a little easier to handle than Ciba, but I'd dread ever working
with Ciba that way. The floor ????????????????? Think I'll opt for Plan B. But as far as the local pro
labs go, they used automated dispensers/cutters that originally cost in the 16-20K range apiece.
For true mural sized fiber-based B&W rolls, they had vertical roll holders immediately adjacent to the
vertical magnetic wall easels, then just pull the roll out to a stop and cut it off with an Olfa or bar
trimmer. I prefer a vac easel, and have big built in masking bars for visible print borders. The paper
is transferred from the table to the horizontal easil on a big sled, so that nothing gets scratched or
crinkled. I went vertical. Had my horizontal enlgr days. But the damn thing is so tall that I have to
load the neg carrier using a rolling warehouse ladder, the kind with steel stairs. But it works well
for me. Are we all nuts or what? I'll admit that I am.