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It looks like the frames are 4.7mm (3/16 - sprocket spacing) square. A bit less than 1/4 the size of a 9x11mm Minox frame.

They say it projects up to a 2ft square image, or 128x magnification. Same as enlarging a full frame 35mm slide to 10x15 ft. Well, it is less than the magnification in a movie theater. I imagine they are planning on using release film. They say you can't see pixels - I'll bet the grain does a real good job of hiding them.

They don't say how long the batteries last. And one LED isn't all that bright. The reflector and condenser optics must be something.

I don't think I'll trash my Pradovit just yet.

To me this whole thing sounds Looney Tunes. But then I feel the same way about everything Lomographic. I'm a terrible judge of what the average consumer will buy.
So is the average consumer.