I can buy fuji trans in rolls .. just expensive let me know your pain level, I am not sure what widths it comes in but can find out if you are interested.
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The yellow/magenta thing is what Alan Ross is doing (in addition to the layered contour mapping you mentioned and pencil/dye shading) to essentially get straight prints out of Ansel's negatives (all burning and dodging and multiple contrasts built into the various layers of mylar and inkjet transparencies). For pencil shading and contours he uses Dura-lar, with a sheet of diffusing plexi.

You mentioned Duratrans. This is probably the best diffusing paper I've ever seen in terms of uniformity. I was wondering where you can currently buy this stuff. I bought a few sheets from Lynn Radeka recently because I ran out, but if you have a real source for this I'd be grateful to know. Does Kodak still make actual Duratrans?