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.... and you should be getting a higher success rate than 1 good image every 4-7 rolls of film.

I know how to pretty much nail my exposures with an in camera meter of course, and for my manual cameras I'm getting better. I always try to mentally figure it out before using my incident meter, or another camera.

But what I meant is that if you usually use 7 rolls of 120 for a client session to photograph different poses or locations, do you cover the cost of those 7 rolls by your session fee, or by print sales? Some people use the session fee to only cover their time, and if you're using 7 rolls of film and the client only buys one 8x10 then you're actually loosing money...

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The secret is getting good negatives by good control over exposure and development, it's not difficult but a little effort to nail your personal EI's and Dev timses for one film under various conditions means you can concentrate on the photography knowing once capture you can get excellent prints.


I had done this with TriX to a degree that I could get predictable results, but ever since the big news I've been intent on moving to Ilford films and chemicals. I dont see any point in continuing my efforts to learn the nuances of Kodak stuff if there's no guarantee it will be around for any further extended period of time.