I think he means (from the photos) that he hacked a Jobo 1xxx lid onto a bastardised lid for a jar that was big enough to hold the Hewes 70mm spiral.

My question related to whether anyone had used Jobo spirals to do 70mm, since I have a CPP2 and lots of spirals. I think they'd need a dowel (or PVC-pipe) spacer to get the width right, and you'd only be able to fit 1.6m (a 220 roll) on each spiral. In my case that means it's probably more sensible to slit the film, spool to 220 and use a 220 back. More hassle but much lower capital investment (Mamiya 70mm back and adaptor-G are $$$; RZ/220 back is about $25) and it wouldn't take a year to finish a roll!