Christmas is coming so I think some "new" photo gear is in order!!! So I was looking at adding something bigger than 6x6 and I found that the GX680 is available in rather good prices nowadays. A few questions as I look into this in more detail:

As far as I can tell batteries are easily available for these, right?
Also, I read that most of the differences between the I/II/III models are cosmetic so in that case I might as well get a cheaper I or II model...?

The purpose of this camera is to basically spend some mone...errrrm get something with movement for still-life, food stills and setup portraits. Would it be an appropriate system for that or should I look into something else? At the moment my main system is my Hasselblad which is fantastic but I'd like to move up to something bigger. The Fuji seems to do that without having to deal with sheet film.

Any particular lenses that would be best suited for still/portraits? I don't expect to be buying a 2nd lens for it any time soon after the initial purchase.

Anything else that should keep me away from this? Should I just be looking at large format instead...?