I bought a Jobo 3010 Expert Drum new for about $300 from FreeStyle [an APUG Sponsor] in Los Angeles. It can handle up to 10 sheets of 4"x5" film. I have used it for black & white and for color C-41 processing and it is worth every cent that I paid for it.

The Jobo 3004 Expert tank can process up to 4 sheets of 5"x7", 4 sheets of 8"x10", or 4 sheets of 8.5"x12".
The Jobo 3005 Expert tank can process up to 5 sheets of 5"x7", or 5 sheets of 8"x10".

Think beyond the upcoming trip. If you keep your Jobo processor you could be processing black & white and color film for years in these tanks.

I hope that helps.