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I'm interested in this thread too. I have a beautiful old stainless and glass Kodak process thermometer but I would rather use that as a standard to calibrate other, more rugged, less precious ones. I would be very interested in any suggestions for an accurate, easy to read, preferably inexpensive one that can be calibrated. I am only processing B&W now so I'm looking for something that covers the 70F range.
I have a Weston but it doesn't have a calibration nut behind the dial. It is old. Do the newer Westons have this adjusment? I once had a Beselar dial with this feature but it is long gone.
I would use the Kodak process thermemeter in a limited mode - only for calibrating others. I've broken too many glass-mercury thermometers as it is - ask me about using the old sling psychrometer for measuring humidity...

If you have one of the "dial" types without the adjusting nut, it must be an "old" one ... (or a really "el cheapo"). I can't remember seeing any of those - ever - and I started in Calibration some fifty years ago.

The "newer" dial thermometers are relatively inexpensive, reliable and durable ... and in my opinion totally adequate for ALL photographic purposes - including color - (see "Cibachrome logo"). Check to see that there is an adjusting nut before you buy one.