Thank you all for the input!
John V - I'm not completely sure she really meant composition except that she did use the word and has on another couple of occasions. She also said that she just sees that they're "technical" or about the technique. Could it be that she sees and recognizes that they're "correct" technically and can't get past that 'cause she's seen so many in life that aren't? She also used to complain about me taking pictures of the backs of people's heads when I wasn't photographing the people in the first place. The shots of mine that she's said she really liked were ones with a centered subject (such as Calla Cluster #1 on my website and probably in my gallery here) - I think that one's good, but sorta like something you'd buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Another comment was, "I just don't get what you're trying to do."
And, yeah, if a stranger said the same things, I likely wouldn't feel the same - it's different when it's a mom and daughter thing.
John N - rules?
Since I like my work (mostly), I'll keep doing it my way. I have been using my 4x5 more, so that helps with looking at things upside down (the ones in the attachment were all smaller formats).