Personally, I have a bit of an issue when my subject touches the edge. Clear off the edge is fine. Well into the edge is fine. Barely touching or little bit cut off bothers me. So, for example, the middle one bothers me a bit. I also like to include some breathing room so I would crop a bit larger. I would also use a bit wider mat for presentation purpose.
No worries at all on this one! I agree. I grabbed an old print to Mordanšage and it didn't have much room between the edge of the emulsion and the edge of the paper. So when the emulsion stretched, it went pretty close to the edge. It's not the best one I could have used, except that it was because I ran out of time to have things ready (and they all had to be created within the last two years). I really liked how the veils ended up on it so used it for the screening despite how close it is to the edge.

I gather that she sees ALL my photos this way, though, not just the funky ones. Maybe I should try channeling John N and see what she says. jk!