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I found this where the caution is written (lower part of the page).

What I haven't found is anyone actually stating that they've had a problem with 2800 series/ sheet film. I have, however, found myriad different comments about successfully using them.
I posted a link to a discussion about using the 2800 drums for 8x10 film and in that discussion I noted that FP4 8x10 would occasionally stick to the drum and it made permanent marks on the back that did not go away with re-fixing and/or re-washing. So, there are some combinations of film, developer and drum that don't mix. Presently I use both the expert and 2800 drums with T-max developer and Ilford HP5 8x10 film without getting marks on the back. I even wash the film in the 2800 drums but I rinse the back of the film in a tray of water before the photoflo.