You're very welcome, Roger. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

No, never worked in a gallery setting. Nor as an artist. (No talent, sadly...) But I did once work professionally a few years (decades) back as a darkroom printer. Way, way back. Classic black-and-white, plus quite a bit of Cibachrome. And we did have occassion once in a while to package and ship finished prints, both mounted and unmounted. And I really, really didn't want to have to be remaking them all of the time.

(And to be perfectly honest, I'm anal to a fault. But it sounds like the two of you have already figured that out...)

Now that Roger has seen it first, for anyone else interested click here to see the submission. If I could suggest one thing to improve these one-on-one blind exchanges, it would be to encourage everyone who can to post their submissions in the General Print Exchange Gallery. It might be fun for more than one person to see your final results.