Hi all,

I'm considering making a loader to slit 70mm film down and spool to 220 for use in my RZ. While Mamiya sells a 70mm back, the price (plus Adapter-G) is silly money - like $450 - and that's before I even get developing tanks/spirals.

Can anyone please tell me:
- are the spools the same diameter as 120, i.e. can I spool onto my huge collection of 120 spools?
- what is the official width and length of a 220 film?
- how long are the leader and trailer papers?
- how much overlap should there be between film and paper?

I could probably figure it out by inspection of a 120 roll but it'd be good to know the official numbers. Worst case I can spool to 120 I guess.

Alternative question: will a Linhof Cine-Rollex (being Graflok) mate cleanly to a Mamiya Adapter-G?